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first night of tour! by @blisskatherine #m via Instagram


today’s the day. the transit of venus AND the day you can finally get our new record in an indie record shop near you. or if you don’t have access to one of those, you can get the record from Saddle Creek, Amazon, or iTunes (where it’s only $7.99 all week long).

also, our brand new video for “Generals” is premiering over at IFC. an underground network of babes bands together to take back the power from the powers that be. it’s one part Godard’s “Band of Outsiders”, one part Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation”. you’d better believe there’s a choreographed group dance number…


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finished zines! #m via Instagram

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zine-ing. #m via Instagram


the trailer for the new record! it features clips from four new songs + footage from the studio, upcoming videos, our spring tour, and other crazy amazing adventures. enjoy!


you can now pre-order the new record in approximately a million different formats. okay, so there’s just a handful. but if you order the “i want it all” version, you’ll get all of the following for the low, low price of just $40. AND you get a digital download of the album on may 22nd — and the album doesn’t even come out ’til june 5th! that seems insane to us.

White LP (exclusive to this bundle. limited to 250 copies.)
Set of 4 hand screened, hand cut patches
Tote Bag
11×17 poster
Button (randomly colored)
320 Kbps MP3 album download on MAY 22


couldn’t be more honored to be listed alongside such amazing ladies in NPR music’s picks of the week (st. vincent! fiona apple!). even more so since it’s the “beloved weirdos” edition. thanks, NPR, for calling us as we are:

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merch work. #m via Instagram

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here’s the thing: no one really knows what they’re doing. all we can do is try. #m via Instagram


somebody asked about the lyrics to “Generals”, so i figured i’d post ‘em here for all to see. knowing the actual words is never as fun, huh? commence singalong. and please leave a comment with any hilarious lyrics you’ve been singing instead. xo, laura.


I need a political job
In a blue collar town
So I can pay my rent
When the music is on
I get my best blood drawn
But I haven’t made a dollar yet

Haven’t I paid my dues yet?

Calling all my Generals
My Daughters
My Revolutionists
We got strength in numbers
And they’re gon’ to pay for it

We burn the money in our homes
Oh our books and bones
Are breaking down so fast
But they keep putting all our cash
Into the next bloodbath
Honey, tell you I am sick of it

Haven’t we paid our dues yet?

Hey all my sisters [YEAH]
What you want [LOVE]
And all my brothers [YEAH]
What you got [LOVE]
You wanna fix it [YEAH]
Or fuck it up
Come on fix it
Cause it’s been fucked

Calling all my Generals
My Daughters
My Revolutionists
We got strength in numbers
And they’re gon’ to pay

Get your black boots on
Beat your marching drum
We’re gonna make ‘em run
We’re gonna get ‘em on the run
So get your warpaint on
Let ‘em know we’re out for blood