We’ve got a brand new 7″ record coming out this fall, just in time for Black Friday — because we know you’ll be doing all your holiday shopping at your local indie record shops…riiiight!? “Body of Work” is on the A-side, a new song called “In the Mouths of Wolves” is on the B-side. It comes on randomly colored vinyl and the 4-panel cover (unfolded and pictured above), which features the fold pattern of an origami design by Noboru Miyajima, can be transformed into a wild horse. (“You can be wild horses on that hill…”) Instructional video on that one coming soon.ย If youย preorder a copy from Saddle Creek, it’ll ship out to you two weeks before the official release date. It’s limited to 1,000 copies and, as always, comes with a digital download. Can’t wait to see our colorful pony army unfold (er…um… fold?)!!

ย xo,