going postal.

so psyched to finally share this little secret i’ve been keeping… it’s true! the postal service IS reuniting. AND i’ll be playing in the band!! hope to see y’all out on the road. til then, i’ll keep working away on these million new myna songs to sing for you real soon.

lots of love,

missing tour…


a photo of a photo by bliss katherine. backstage in omaha with tom hnatow.

the year of optimization.


i used to think new years was a stupid celebration — an arbitrary point picked to wash the slate clean and start over. but hey, you’ve gotta (re)start somewhere. so today’s the day. or tomorrow. (or the day after that — really any day can be the day.) reset. restart. YOU GET SO MANY LIVES IN JUST THIS ONE.

2012 was an amazing year. it couldn’t have been anywhere near as wonderful without you. and our tour buddies AC newman, okkervil river, sean bones, port st. willow, deep time, icky blossoms. and everyone from saddle creek, billions, everloving, and everyone who worked on our videos, our art, our stage clothes. it really did take a whole village. so thank you — every single one of you — for that.

i’m calling 2013 THE YEAR OF OPTIMIZATION. it’s not about wanting/getting more. it’s about taking what we already have and working it into its best possible versions. this means: our stuff, our money, our relationships, us. yes, let’s lift weights. literally and figuratively.

i’ll have a pretty exciting announcement in the coming days. AND, nico just sent me some crazy sexy killer drum beats to write with. so watch out for that. 2013 will be nothing, if not sexy.

bring on the fireworks! bring on the adventures!! this’ll be our year. happy new year, y’all!


missing summertime: tour video by bliss katherine

The Mynabirds 2012 Tour (Part 2) – Directed by Bliss Braoudakis

Body of Work video

Body of Work – Directed by Allie Avital Tsypin. Edited by Allie Avital Tsypin, Jonathan Tvrdik, Laura Burhenn


read all about that one time in chicago the fox headdress got stolen at a show and a police chase ensued over at NYLON magazine. photos by bliss braoudakis.


(we will be in Canada on election day. US friends: VOTE. and Canadian friends: hold us.)


We’ve got a brand new 7″ record coming out this fall, just in time for Black Friday — because we know you’ll be doing all your holiday shopping at your local indie record shops…riiiight!? “Body of Work” is on the A-side, a new song called “In the Mouths of Wolves” is on the B-side. It comes on randomly colored vinyl and the 4-panel cover (unfolded and pictured above), which features the fold pattern of an origami design by Noboru Miyajima, can be transformed into a wild horse. (“You can be wild horses on that hill…”) Instructional video on that one coming soon. If you preorder a copy from Saddle Creek, it’ll ship out to you two weeks before the official release date. It’s limited to 1,000 copies and, as always, comes with a digital download. Can’t wait to see our colorful pony army unfold (er…um… fold?)!!


the long and solo road

Here’s an outtake from the stripped down shows I played (with the ever-amazing Tom Hnatow on guitar and pedal steel) opening for Conor Oberst. We had a real fine time: played some b-sides and rarities, sang some harmonies with C, and even had a surprise visit from Klara from First Aid Kit onstage in Chicago. Real fine. Good times.

And if anyone was wondering, that unknown song from the set was “Cake Parade” from the Georgie James record “Places.” Digging deep.


Onstage in Chicago, under the big top. Photo by Bliss Katherine.



PSA: I can’t not say something… Over the weekend an openly gay Lincoln, Nebraska, woman was brutally attacked in a vicious hate crime. I am sick with shock that this happened at all. We cannot stand for hate and brutality against anyone for simply being who they are, for loving who they love. Whether you’ll be in Omaha or not this thursday, take a minute to light a candle (figuratively or literally) and meditate on love.

As kids we’re simultaneously taught two conflicting things: “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me” and “The pen is mightier than the sword.” I believe in the latter statement; the former is just plain false. Words are powerful things. Ideas, spoken into being, create our reality. And they can be absolutely hurtful and crippling when used in hateful ways. All that said, I really do believe this:

You’re mightier than their sword-sharp tongues.
You are loved no matter what.
So please — don’t give up.